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Give the Best Possible First Impression at Your Event!

Ensure your event runs smoothly with Contact Media’s reliable and professional on-site and on demand badge printing service. Not all your attendees will have access to printing at home or in the office, others may simply prefer not to print their badge themselves. For this reason, having on-site badge printing facilities is essential. 

Self-Service Badge Printing

We supply all equipment such as printers, scanners, badge paper and holders as well as providing support at your event so that you don’t have to worry about any issues surrounding badge preparation prior to the event and on the day. Our technical team will take care of the process and set-up and our event staff are accustomed to the technology. Our printers are fast and accurate and the software allows for QR codes or barcodes to be included on the badge allowing you to capture all of the data related to the event easily.  

Contactless Eco-Friendly Badge Technology 

Whether it be a conference or exhibition our eco-badge offers an environmentally friendly solution for you event. Printed on card and attached to a lanyard without the need for plastics this is our most popular badging option. Our contactless badge printing technology ensures the whole process is hygienic and safe.  

Fast Track Badging Solution 

With most people arriving at an event within a short time frame we supply a badge printing solution that is fast and accurate. Our queue busting technology and software ensures that badges are printed quickly and efficiently making the whole process stress free for the attendee as well as you.  

Once the badge is printed, it tracks them as attended and allows your delegate to gain entry to the event. The software tracks the time that each badge was printed allowing you to see an hour by hour, day by day log of attendees in real time. 

Bespoke Event Badges 

We deliver a bespoke badge printing solution to suit the requirements of your event. Whether you desire a badge printing in colour, double sided, to include branding and sponsorship, QR codes, barcodes or photographs we work with you to provide a solution for all.  

  • Onsite on demand printing
  • Fast track entrance
  • Print any badge to your requirement
  • Pre printed badge stock available
  • Full colour available
  • Barcodes can be included
  • Import attendee lists easily
  • Badge printers can be hired
  • Contactless, covid safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully secure and GDPR compliant
  • Real time statistics
The Ultimate Event Badges

Our unrivalled badging software allows you the flexibility to create your ideal bespoke badge. Whether it be an exhibition, conference or event we cater to your every need. Contact Media’s eco-friendly A6 double-sided full colour badge is impressive in size and equally as kind to the environment. Offering opportunities for sponsorship or simply as a double-sided name badge. We use no plastics as our eco badge has pre tooled holes which the lanyard attaches to. You can include QR codes, barcodes and even photographs if required and we can also display visitor types on the badge too. 


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  • conference badge printing
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Queue Busting Badge Technology

Contactless Scanning Process

Simply present your QR code to the scanner. The attendees record is found instantly in the database.
onsite exhibition registrations

Fast, Accurate Badge Printing

Prints in 5 seconds

The attendees badge is printed in seconds. Fold, attach to a lanyard and away they go. Easy, professional and stress free.
Our Badge Printing Software Makes it Easy!
onsite badge system portal
Manage Attendees

Add, delete and edit the attendees details pre-event or onsite. Upload spreadsheets in seconds or setup an API to populate your lists. Our system can intergrate with other registration software solutions, as well as our own registration software.

Design and Print Badges

Our system can accomodate any badge design, manage various visitor types and include QR codes or barcodes. Print badges onsite in 5 seconds!

Your Stats in Real Time

As every badge is printed, the attendee is marked as attended. The dashboard will show the number of attendees entered by hour. You will have your own login to access all attendee data during and after the show.

Case Studies

To understand a bit more about the services we offer and the size of clients we have worked with. Please view a few of our most recent case studies below.

Other Event Services

Collect data using our 1D (QR code) or 2D (barcode) hand held badge scanners for exhibitions, conferences and events. Scan your attendees' badges securely.
Ensure speedy check in at your event with our bespoke e-ticketing system. Send E- badges securely and conveniently by e-mail with no need to print.
Contact Media’s event registration software is bespoke and custom built for you. We know every event is different and our system is flexible and adaptable.
Our delegate management system makes managing your delegates pre-event, onsite and after the event a breeze. Our bespoke software is tailored to your event.
We offer the perfect solution onsite to assist in data collection at your event. Using manual scanners or a custom-built application. Secure and GDPR complient.
We offer the perfect solution onsite to assist in data collection at your event. Using manual scanners or a custom-built application. Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Specialising in event specific apps. We custom build event apps designed to inform allowing interaction with attendees leading up to during and after the event.
We offer a range of event support and onsite services such as technical support, badge printing, onsite registration staff and data collection services.
Webforms are provided in the languages you require. Attendees select the language preferred and all subsequent communication will be in their chosen language.
Register onsite, check in and print your badge quickly. Contactless terminals and help desks ensure health and safety requirements are met.
Register onsite, check in and print your badge quickly at London venues. Contactless terminals and help desks ensure health and safety requirements are met.

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