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delegate management

Most events will be relatively complex with many moving parts. For you as the organiser, it is already complicated – however, for your delegates, it can easily become confusing and overwhelming. Providing the right information to your delegates at the right time, gives them the information they need to make the most of the event – improving the chances that they will want to return in subsequent years.

Our event management software allows you to provide information to us just once and in a simple CSV format and we will create a platform that acts as the perfect signpost for your attendees. This includes registration forms, contact details, payment methods, personalized codes and all the email and SMS communication your attendees need leading up to and during the event. All encrypted, safe and meeting GDPR requirements – and all in one place.

  • Access: 24-hour access to the platform for organisers
  • Payments: Safe and secure payment systems for your delegates via credit card, BACs, cheque and PayPal.
  • Support: Full telephone and email support for all technical details of the platform
  • Information: Delegate schedule updates and points of contact for questions, surveys and feedback forms
  • Data: Detailed analysis of all data provided
The Ultimate Event Badges

Our unrivalled badging software allows you the flexibility to create your ideal bespoke badge. Whether it be an exhibition, conference or event we cater to your every need. Contact Media’s eco-friendly A6 double-sided full colour badge is impressive in size and equally as kind to the environment. Offering opportunities for sponsorship or simply as a double-sided name badge. We use no plastics as our eco badge has pre tooled holes which the lanyard attaches to. You can include QR codes, barcodes and even photographs if required and we can also display visitor types on the badge too. 


  • onsite event printing
  • exhibition onsite badge printing
  • conference badge printing
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Queue Busting Badge Technology

Contactless Scanning Process

Simply present your QR code to the scanner. The attendees record is found instantly in the database.
onsite exhibition registrations

Fast, Accurate Badge Printing

Prints in 5 seconds

The attendees badge is printed in seconds. Fold, attach to a lanyard and away they go. Easy, professional and stress free.
Our Badge Printing Software Makes it Easy!
onsite badge system portal
Manage Attendees

Add, delete and edit the attendees details pre-event or onsite. Upload spreadsheets in seconds or setup an API to populate your lists. Our system can intergrate with other registration software solutions, as well as our own registration software.

Design and Print Badges

Our system can accomodate any badge design, manage various visitor types and include QR codes or barcodes. Print badges onsite in 5 seconds!

Your Stats in Real Time

As every badge is printed, the attendee is marked as attended. The dashboard will show the number of attendees entered by hour. You will have your own login to access all attendee data during and after the show.

Case Studies

To understand a bit more about the services we offer and the size of clients we have worked with. Please view a few of our most recent case studies below.

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