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Here at Contact Media, we specialise in event software – the backend systems that collect registration details either at an event or via a registration platform. Combined with our on-site event services such as badge printing, event staff and logistical help, we provide the full package for exhibitions, conferences and conventions of all sizes. Add to this our bespoke app creation and online software services and you can see that we have cornered this market.

But it isn’t all we do. We are proud to deliver reporting tools for some of the largest organisations across the globe including the NHS and NATO. With powerful analytics software, we are able to take the data collected by these agencies and deliver real-time intelligent insight that creates incredible value through time saving and cost reductions. With relevant stakeholders receiving information about their services and the people using them on a daily basis, they are able to make strategic decisions that can be truly life changing.

With over 20 years’ experience -in this industry, we offer a range of professional event services that are designed to automate and simplify the event planning process. Contact Media's event services are designed to be efficient and user-friendly, helping event organisers to streamline their operations and focus on their customers. We offer online demonstrations, technical support, and on-site support to ensure that your events run smoothly, and your team are able to focus more on your customers and less on logistics.

Services we provide include:

  • event registration and contactless check-in
  • onsite event badging
  • event registration software
  • delegate management software
  • barcode badge scanner hire
  • e-ticketing
  • event mobile apps 
  • event support (on-site)
  • multi language webforms
  • data collection
Case Studies

To understand a bit more about the services we offer and the size of clients we have worked with. Please view a few of our most recent case studies below.

Other in Event Services

Registration and Contactless Check
Check in and register at the event contactlessly
Badges - Onsite Event Badging
For any event; exhibitions, conferences and meetings
Event Registration Software
Flexible registration at your fingertips
Delegate Management Software for Events
Learn how to simplify the event for your delegates
Barcode Badge Scanner Hire for Events
Hire data scanners that are designed for events and exhibitions
Bespoke E-Ticketing Software Solutions
Self-print badges or tickets - print at home or work for conferences, exhibitions and events
Event Mobile Apps
We can create a bespoke app for any event. Giving your users everything to make the event a success.
On-Site Event Staff
Discover how we can help you before, during and after your event
Multi language webforms & registration systems
Easily allow your visitors to select their preferred language option in one click.
Event data collection for conferences and exhibitions
Collect valuable data and feedback from you're event.
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