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Contact Media provided on-site, on-demand badge printing at a series of weekly events held at the EICC Edinburgh and The Sheraton Grand Edinburgh, accommodating up to 600 attendees per day. The goal was to create a seamless registration process using name search capabilities. 

  • Pre-registration: Attendees were encouraged to register online, providing their details in advance.  

  • Database Integration: Attendee information was integrated into the badge printing system for real-time access.  

  • On-site Badge Printing: Attendees simply provided their surname at registration, and personalised badges were printed instantly.  

  • Access Control: Badges served as access credentials, streamlining entry and movement within the event venues.  

The outcomes: 

  • Reduced Wait Times: Instant badge printing minimised registration queues.  

  • Enhanced Security: Personalised badges improved access control and security.  

  • Efficient Process: Real-time database access streamlined registration.  

  • Positive Feedback: Attendees appreciated the convenience and professionalism.  


Conclusion: Contact Media's on-site badge printing solution effectively addressed registration challenges, providing attendees with a smooth and efficient experience while demonstrating the company's commitment to excellence in event management. 

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