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 Contact Media can offer any software solution utilising QR codes whether that be via a handheld scanner or smartphone app which both the customer and the client can utilise. We do this by building a backend portal which interacts with the information held on the QR code. The software is developed bespoke to you as well as unique QR codes that can be branded with your logo or personalised design, in black and white or colour. 

Some basic uses for QR codes could be: 

  • Restaurant menu’s which enable customers to order and pay on the app. 
  • For use on products so that customers can view extensive information. 
  • For self-guided tours/interactive maps. 
  • For taking payments. 
  • To link to a website or email address. 
  • To dial your business number. 
  • To download an app. 
  • To view a business’ location and get directions. 
  • On bus stops, train stations to give real time tracking information. 
  • For E-learning. 
  • For conferences to give full descriptions of the talk/ bio on the speaker. 
  • To enrol in an event and  access at self-check in and badge printing kiosks 
  • To direct clients to your resume, LinkedIn profile or website. 
  • For instructional videos/ links to a YouTube video. 
  • To enrol in an event 

These are just a few examples. If you have any other idea’s please give us a call. We love developing new solutions and getting creative with our clients in order to create the perfect bespoke software package for your business.  

Our QR Codes breathe new life into business’ promoting interaction and engagement through the customer’s mobile phone. Information is packed into the code in a quick, fun and interactive way. As their name suggests QR (Quick Response) codes are instant, easy to generate and can hold up to 4000 characters. 

In a world of better and faster technology we are using our devices more than ever with 6.378 billion of the world’s population now owning a smartphone with that predicted to increase to 7.33 billion in 2025 (forecast figures by Ericsson and the Radicati Group). The Covid pandemic has meant that the “touch free” aspect of QR codes makes them ideal for use in our modern world. Using QR codes is sustainable rather than paper (leaflets, menu’s, business cards) ensuring that together we are doing our bit to support climate change. The pandemic has shown us how quickly our lives can change and how important a digital infrastructure is to society. 

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