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cvent onsite registration

On site registration and check in using Cvent

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with Cvent and Contact Media! We've joined forces to create an innovative system that seamlessly integrates registration, check-in and on-site event badge printing for your events. Brace yourself for an event experience that will redefine the boundaries of excellence! 

When attendees register through Cvent, a world of possibilities unfolds. Their information instantly becomes accessible to Contact Media through a secure login. Say goodbye to tedious data transfers and the complexities of managing multiple systems—we've got it all covered! Our advanced software seamlessly syncs with Cvent's platform using an API, ensuring that our data is always up to date and perfectly synchronised. 

But here's where the excitement soars to new heights: we can seamlessly work with the codes provided by Cvent on their tickets! This ensures a seamless transition from registration to on-site check-in, to badge printing with Contact Media taking charge of every step. From registration management to check-in, on-site badge printing, equipment hire, and even lead retrieval—we handle it all. You call the shots, and we bring your vision to life! 

However, our software doesn't stop there—it goes above and beyond by meticulously tracking the exact moment when badges are printed. Imagine having a real-time, hour-by-hour log of attendees at your fingertips! This invaluable information empowers you to monitor attendance patterns, make data-driven decisions, and create an unparalleled event experience. 

Why settle for ordinary when you can unleash the extraordinary with Cvent and Contact Media? Our collaboration merges the best of both worlds, ensuring a seamless and dynamic check-in process with on-site badge printing that will leave your attendees spellbound. Leave the logistics to us while you focus on captivating your audience and delivering a truly unforgettable event. 

Get ready for a journey of innovation, excitement, and unrivalled event experiences with Cvent and Contact Media. We're here to make your event shine, from the moment attendees register to the thrilling check-in process through to on-site badge printing. Let's redefine the boundaries of event excellence together and create a truly remarkable event that sets new standards! 

On site registration and check in using Cvent
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