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Handheld Scanners

To hire a data scanner for the event taking place on 10-12 June 2024, please fill in the form below. The scanners can be collected on set up day (9 June) or on the first day of the event. You will receive your data the day after the event closes (in excel format). You can request data during the event if required. Simply bring the scanner to the entrance foyer and we can take the data from the device and provide you with an excel file.


eventfull app
Easily collect attendee data
Easily collect attendee data with one click of the button
eventfull app
Small and lightweight
Very hand and easy to use


Cost: £99 (per license. Additional licenses charged at £29 each)


eventfull app

Mobile App

Alternatively we now offer an app for the event taking place on the 10-12 June 2024. It allows you to scan the attendee badges, store their details and make notes against that attendee. Each exhibitor will have their own unique log in and the data is stored on an encrypted database. This option allows information to be stored on your mobile devices for easy access. You can download a list in excel any time during the event.


eventfull app
Easily collect attendee data
Easily collect attendee data with the camera on your device
eventfull app
Make notes in real time
Make notes in real time next to each attendee


Cost: £99 (per license. Additional licenses charged at £29 each)


To register for lead retrieval capture either through the use of a data scanner or an app. Please fill in the form below.


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