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Running a conference or an event is a challenge for most marketing teams. It can take months of preparation and promotion before the event even starts and the reputation of your company can rest on the success of these events. Your event is designed to create new business, build brand awareness, and capture leads for sales teams and if anything goes wrong, all that work could be for nothing.

We provide professional events teams that are trained to provide practical, logistical, and technical help before, during and after your event. Our events staff can become a part of your team for the duration of the event – blending in seamlessly and allowing your staff to do what they do best -selling your products and services. We offer this peace-of-mind service to remove some of the pressure of the day and to give you a point of contact for any help you may need.

  • Front of house: Registrations, badge printing and payments
  • Equipment hire: Printers, laptops, scanners – whatever you need
  • Technical help: Setting up and managing equipment including printers
  • Training: We work with your staff to ensure knowledge of registration systems and we provide full support on all aspects
  • Data capture: We ensure that all aspects of your event are captured and analysed
  • Lead capture: We take care of the creation of your leads list, including all the details you require

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